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Salvequick Blue Detectable Plaster Dispenser


Salvequick Blue Detectable Plaster Dispenser

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The Salvequick Dispenser and Salvequick Plasters are a complete, easy to use system. The plasters are always available, ready to use. The refills are locked, which prevents waste.

Product advantages

Easy to use with one hand
Refills locked
Choose from different types of plasters

The Salvequick Dispenser Blue Detectable is specially designed for use in the food industry. The plasters are detectable by most metal detectors used within the food industry. The blue colour also makes the plasters easy to see. Each plaster is individually wrapped and sterile.

When a plaster is pulled from the dispenser, one of its adhesive surfaces is exposed and it can be applied easily with one hand.

The dispenser is refilled quickly and easily with a special key. Transparent lid protects against dust.


2 x 35 blue detectable plasters. Each plaster is sterile and individually wrapped.
There are two different sizes of plasters in each refill: 72 x 19 mm and 72 x 25 mm.

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