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Honeywell OPENGO DIN with ABEK1 P3 Filters


Honeywell OPENGO DIN with ABEK1 P3 Filters

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The OPENGO DIN ABEK1 P3 hood is a filtering device exclusively intended for escape purposes in the event of the risk of chemical pollution. The hood consists of:
- A coated fabric hood
- A panoramic visor
- An A1B1E1K1 P3 filter protecting during 15 minutes against:
Organic vapours with a boiling point of over 65°C (solvents, for example)
Inorganic gases (chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, for example)
Sulfurous acid anhydrides (sulfuric acid, for example)

Particulates and dusts.

WARNINGS Never use the ABEK1 P3 hood for extended periods of time (in particular for carrying out work).
The ABEK1 P3 hood does not provide protection in the event of a lack of oxygen.
The ABEK1 P3 hood is intended for single use over a short period of time.

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